Interfaith Sacred Exploration FAQ

1. How was I trained?

Formal training:

I now do my work as a private practice in addition to working with Tacheria Center, Tucson, and Wisdom’s Way Interfaith School, Phoenix, Arizona. I take very few new clients per year. To maintain and expand my own growth, I work monthly with spiritual mentors.

2. Is spiritual direction like therapy?

Soul Exploration or Spiritual Direction is not a therapeutic relationship. Many people find spiritual mentoring to be a complementary process to the work happening in therapy or counseling. It does not replace therapeutic support for emotional crisis or ongoing mental health challenges.

3. Are our sessions confidential?

Our time together is sacred, and I will hold our conversations in strictest confidence. Nothing will be shared without your written consent, except as required by law to protect you or another from serious harm. I am required by law to report known or suspected cases of abuse or neglect to children, the elderly, or the handicapped. You are free to share whatever you choose about our conversations with anyone.

4. How often do we meet?

A typical rhythm for meeting is once per month; approximately an hour each time.

5. Fees

I am generally paid $60-$120 per hour determined by your ability to pay and can make exceptions, as your situation requires.

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