“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” – Rumi

_LAN5487Life is an ever-unfolding journey. At times, the moment demands that we stand up and advocate for the vulnerable and powerless. Sometimes, it asks us to retreat in peaceful reflection to care for our own needs. At other times, we may be the only voice of love in a conversation, and we are called to speak.

I learn about life and spirit from a diverse community of people and from the revelations of the present moment. I have been on a spiritually eclectic path for many years. My inspiration comes from personal experiences and challenges, from the teachings of Jesus, Jewish writers and teachers, Buddhist teaching, yoga and meditation practice, nature, the Feminine aspect of the Divine, art, creativity, music, energy work, addiction recovery principles, and various teachers, friends, loved ones, and spiritual companions whose guidance have changed and enriched my life.

“As one would expect from a spiritual counselor, Karen is a warm and compassionate person with wonderful listening skills. However, her skills go well beyond this. The depth and breadth of her spiritual education and wisdom have made our sessions together safe and nurturing environments in which to explore the light and the dark places of my existence, a place where I can cry just as easily as I can laugh. Karen holds space with empathy and love, emanates calm and caring, and takes obvious delight in this sacred work.”

– Jodi F., California

“Working with Karen was such an inspiring and joy-filled experience, even when the “shadow sides” emerged. It was always very clear that we were working together to help me tap into my “best self” and she also provided a variety of tools for me to develop my strengths and previously unexplored gifts. Her diverse background and completely non-judgmental attitude creates a safe space where any and every idea can be explored, examined, celebrated or released – depending on what is needed in that moment.”

– Carrie W., California



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