Slender Threads (daily musings…)

“…Remember, it may seem to you a very roundabout way indeed, and you must not doubt the thread. Of one thing you may be sure, that while you hold it, I hold it too.” – The grandmother, The Princess and the Goblin, George MacDonald

The beautiful grandmother gives Irene the end of a gossamer thread. She anchors it to her dwelling place and gives the other end to Irene. Whenever trouble or need arise, Irene has simply to trust the invisible thread – using her fingers to feel her way – to make her way home.  Though the route is not a direct one, in her most frightening adventure, the thread does indeed lead her safely home.

Most of us just do our best to navigate our lives the best way we know how. Sometimes when life presents us with a crossroads, we are not sure which direction to turn. We all need an anchor, a golden thread. We all need a mystic grandmother or sacred Source to help guide us. It is exciting, really, when you think of it. Each of us has a unique path. We each come to the journey with different tools, insights, and life experiences.

Some days I grope blindly and bump into things and, other days, I have glimpses of the sacred and know I’m on the right path. Have you had any inspirations lately? What are you doing for yourself that helps you stay centered and hang onto the thread?

I hope to share these glimpses in my posts. Please to feel free to share yours, too.

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